The Library

This is not an original idea whatsoever – I have seen it done at least in Doctor Who and Avatar, and I’m sure many more. It’s like a dream place for book lovers! I was thinking about it one night … More?


Revenge. That’s what keeps me going. hat gets me out of my shitty bunk each morning. The single, solitary thought that one day I’m gonna get my hands on those sons of bitches, and make them pay. Grab a smoke. … More?

The Windshield

She was my second love, after scotch. When you’re alone so long you get used to it; eventually you forget what you’re supposed to be missing out on. You adapt. Learn to thrive. Learn to wear your lonliness like a scarf. Whisky helps.


Experiment #1

His hands trembling, he raised his pen – that very fountain pen he had so desperately coveted from his mother’s desk, but that now filled him with regret and longing – and dipped it into the inkwell, taking care to remove any excess ink from the nib. He wouldn’t want to get this wrong; he only had one chance.