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Fortnite Party Ideas With Free Printables

Fortnite Party Ideas With Free Printables

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“If you haven’t heard of Fortnite yet, you’ve either been living under a rock or don’t have any children! For many of us, we know far too much about the survival game series but if you don’t, consider this your lowdown on Fortnite and Fortnite party ideas.

Inspired by the definitely-not-child-friendly Japanese film Battle Royale, Fortnite’s most popular game mode includes skydiving from a flying school bus onto a variety of islands, where 100 players duke it out to be the last person standing.

Popular with kids and adults alike, here’s how we put together a totally epic Fortnite party with some fun printables – read to the end for some awesome party game ideas!

Party setup

As you can see, we went all out with our party display, thanks to our own range of Battle Royal goodies – they may not be officially licensed, but with the same colour scheme we’re sure they’ll do just fine!

First off we decked our party table with a Battle Royal paper table cover to help make cleanup super simple – all those crumbs and stains can just be crumpled up and thrown away! If by some miracle it survives intact, just fold it up for another party.

Next we made sure we had the essentials for food and drink – that means large plates and small dessert platesnapkinsplastic cups and cutlery. We prepared themed party bags for all the kids which included our fabulous V-Buck coins (printable below) and used the table decorating kit for its fabulous centrepieces and confetti.

Battle Royal Fortnite plates, napkins and tablecovers with printable v-bucks

Although our party table looked like lots of fun, we knew we needed something to give it a little more flair, which is why we created this incredible balloon garland. Using our 18” round foil balloon as the centrepiece, we built a garland around it in the Fortnite colours using 5” mini yellow and purple latex balloons as accents among the turquoise and blue chrome 11” balloons. We also added in one of our llama piñata balloons for good measure!

Battle Royal Fortnite balloon in a balloon garland

If making a balloon garland looks impossible to you, check out our How To Make An Arch with Balloons blog – it’s easier than you might think!

Printable V-Buck Chocolate Coins

Of course, we couldn’t help but make some special extras to really immerse the kids in the spirit of the game!

printable v-bucks glued onto silver white chocolate coins

V-Bucks are in the in-game currency which are used to buy new skins (costumes) for your characters, new dances and new weapons. However, they’re expensive and not so much fun in real life, so we created a version the kids can really enjoy!

Download our free V-Bucks printable here and carefully cut out the discs, which should be the perfect size to fit on our white chocolate silver coins. Fix them on with a glue pen and tada, you’ve got an edible treat for use in games!

Printable Drop Box Party Favours

Loot crates rain down on the island during play, usually hanging on a weather balloon with a flare to indicate where it’ll land. Once the player breaks into them, they’ll find weapons, ammo, consumables and other bits that’ll help them defeat their enemies.

Fortnite drop box printable stickers lying on a table with v-bucks printable

We thought these would make for the perfect party favour bag – so we went ahead and made this easy loot crate printable. All you’ll need to do is print and cut out the squares, then use that trusty glue pen to put a square on each side of our blue square favour boxes. Attach a small yellow balloon to the top of each one to make it look like it’s fallen from the skies!

Fortnite inspired drop boxes with yellow balloons attached on a party table


If you want to step up your party game a notch, why not include some costumes?

Although characters aren’t generally customisable, the game offers “skins” for players which change their appearance to something specific – often something limited edition. One of the rarest and most sought after is the Black Knight, which we just so happen to have in ages 9-14. The costume comes as a full jumpsuit with tie-on arm band, an overhead snood with mask, and authentic chug jug drink can holder on the hip (those are the in-game energy drinks).

A child wearing a Fortnite Black Knight costume

We also have the Brite Bomber costume, another rare one in-game that comes as a comfy jumpsuit with thumbholes and a design featuring the iconic Fortnite llama. The snood which wraps around the neck gives the appearance of pink hair with sunglasses, and it also comes with a chug jug can holder!

Child wearing a Fortnite Brite Bomber costume and dancing

And finally, the Skull Trooper! An Epic level costume that appears throughout the game, we’ve got the full jumpsuit complete with chug jug can holder, all you’ll need to add is some black and white face paint to get the creepy skull face!

Child dancing while wearing a Skull Trooper costume from Fortnite

We have a few extras in the way of overhead masks as well, including a kitsune mask to show that they’re members of the Fox Clan, and a Battle Llama mask just for fun!

Game Ideas

You might have noticed something intriguing going on inside our giant treasure chest…that’s right, we set up a Nerf gun fight for the kids!

Fortnite Nerf gun in a treasure chest on a table decorated with Battle Royal tableware

Fort Building

If you’ve been holding onto a stack of cardboard boxes, this is their time to shine! Better played in the garden, split the party into two teams and give each a selection of cardboard boxes. They get 10 minutes to build their fort, then have to defend it with Nerf guns.

Shooting Practice

Get yourself this Nerf Target game and an officially licensed Fortnite Nerf gun (or some smaller soft dart guns if you’re on a budget). Reward the winner with their very own trophy (maybe even fill it with sweets!)

Alternatively, you could reuse some of those plastic favour cups as more of a tin can shoot. Put coloured stickers on the cups to mark different point values and give everyone a set number of shots from the same position. These stickers would make a lovely prize for the highest scorer.

Treasure Hunt For V-Bucks

Set up a simple treasure hunt around the house to find the white chocolate V-Bucks. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could offer to transform those chocolate coins into real in-game coins!

Shrinking Island Musical Chairs

In Fortnite Battle Royale, a huge storm gradually shrinks the playable size of the island, forcing players to meet in increasingly smaller areas. Take inspiration from this with a game of musical chairs – each time the storm comes it takes away another chair. The victor is the last man sitting!

Llama Piñata

Finally, our favourite party game ever – it’s a piñata! This one is really accurate, as llama piñatas are used in-game to get new goodies. Fill it with the usual mixes of sweets, or some more of those cool V-Bucks!

Llama pinata for Fortnite party on a table with Battle Royal tableware


Amp it up for a special selection of friends with a themed sleepover party! Once all the madness of the day has faded, a select few can settle down for a Fortnite themed sleepover with our awesome sleepover tents. We’ve got a special kit just for Fortnite parties which includes a huge Happy Birthday banner, tassels, balloons and blue net.

Two sleepover tents decorated with Fortnite Battle Royal decorations and tableware

If you have the space, why not set up a screen and projector so the kids can play Fortnite as long as they want on a huge screen? It’d make the perfect wind-down to a day of physical activity!

If your little ones aren’t obsessed with Fortnite, fear not! We’ve got tons of ideas and inspirations for kids’ parties, from Star Wars to Paw Patrol and across their other favourite games like MinecraftPokémon and Angry Birds.”

10 Ways To Celebrate A Socially Distanced Halloween

10 Ways To Celebrate A Socially Distanced Halloween

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“2020 was the year of social distancing – just like with our birthdays, we adapted and found a way to celebrate a socially distanced Halloween!

Halloween 2020 was a once in a blue moon event.

No, literally!

A blue moon is what we call it when there are two full moons in one calendar month. This October 31st will not only be a Saturday, but also the second full moon of the month – hence the blue moon!

While that year wasn’t easy on anyone’s social life, we’re determined to make every Halloween a real celebration – here’s how to have some fun while staying safe and within guidelines.


We’ll have to reconsider how we hand out our sweets this year! As a few general rules, you should

  • Avoid handing sweets directly to the kids
  • Make sure they’re individually wrapped sweets
  • Have hand sanitiser handy for anyone to use

You could also portion out some sweets into individual boxes or bags to make for an easy hand-off!

We’ve created these Covid banner sets to let your neighbourhood know if your house is open for trick-or-treaters or closed due to quarantine. They’ll be limited edition for this year – we hope!

A composite image of a collection of Covid related Halloween banners

And if your little ones are trick-or-treating, consider wiping down their haul when you get home like you would your groceries.

Pumpkin Trail

One idea being touted for the year is turning trick  or treating into the Big Neighbourhood Pumpkin Trail! Get the whole neighbourhood involved by putting a pumpkin in your window or outside of your house – parents can then take their kids (in costume of course) on a walk to spot as many pumpkins as they can.

You can even make it feel like trick or treating by dishing out a sweet for every pumpkin found.

This tinsel pumpkin is a cheap and cheerful way to join in – or you can go all out with this black cat and pumpkin inflatable!

Halloween Treasure Hunt

If you’re stuck in the house, there’s nothing more entertaining and exploratory than a treasure hunt! We’ve already put together some clues you can use for your Halloween treasure hunt.

Carving Pumpkins

Instead of a poster or prop, why not carve your own pumpkin to join in the fun?

This is one of those activities that can be done as normal if you’re at home with family. If you want to increase the party size, you could make this a webcam affair, with other families showing their amazing creations.

Alternatively, head to the park and enjoy some socially distanced pumpkin carving! Just don’t forget to take your rubbish away with you. And if you aren’t sure how, we’ve got the scoop over here.

Trunk or Treat

These celebrations have been gaining popularity in the States for a few years as a safer alternative to walking the neighbourhood and talking to strangers.

A communal car park is agreed upon – often a church or community centre – and parents drive their kids down in costumes and decorate the boots of their car to hand out sweets. It’s kind of like a car boot sale meets trick-or-treating!

The kids get to show off their looks, the decorations make everybody feel like it’s Halloween, and it’s all done safely! 2020 might just be the year that this trend finally makes waves on this side of the pond.

Staying Safe in Costumes

If you or your kids are going about in costumes, you could choose a costume that comes with its own face covering and wear their usual face masks underneath. This Chernobyl hazmat suit feels strangely appropriate for 2020…

Young person wearing a full hazmat suit with gas mask

Alternatively, any oversized mask – like this huge pumpkin head – will hide a smaller, more practical one underneath.

Child wearing an oversized pumpkin head mask, wearing a tunic with ribcage design and holding a pitchfork

Just bear in mind that none of our masks are medical grade.

Bicycle Costume Parade

Another way for the kids to show off their creepy costumes is with a bicycle costume parade! This mini procession would go around the streets so that they can see all the decorated houses, and everyone can see their fancy dress.

It also means that anyone who’s still housebound can look out of their window and enjoy the experience without having to put themselves at risk. If you’re one of those people, you can show you’re part of the fun still with this printable bunting.

Make Up Competitions

If you and your friends enjoy experimenting with new makeup looks, Halloween is the ideal time to try something a little more gruesome!

We have face painting kits for skullsDay of the Deadwitches and loads more.

Day of the Dead makeup instruction and palette showing a woman wearing Dia de los Muertos makeup and a flower crown

Don’t forget that we also have a playlist full of Halloween makeup tutorials over on YouTube by the incredible Sam Helen.

Partying Online

There are lots of other traditional Halloween events that can be done over webcam!

  • Tell spooky stories – use a torch under your face to create a spooky glow
  • Share Halloween jokes
  • Have a waist-up costume parade
  • Watch a scary movie together
  • Decorate some fabric face masks

Crafting Ideas

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to crack out the glitter and pom poms! There are lots of Halloween crafts you could try out, including

  • Decorating face masks
  • Painting pumpkins
  • Making or decorating a Halloween tree
  • Making some jam jar Halloween decorations
  • Make and play tin can bowling

Forgot about Halloween until the last minute? Check out some of our amazing Halloween printables for fun you can make yourself!”


Originally posted on the Party Delights blog in September 2020.

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