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Milestone Games

While working at Mayfly Internet Marketing, I managed over a dozen company profiles on Facebook alone. One of these, and the one I had the least amount of time to spend on, was for a board game seller called Milestone Games (and I am a big board game nut). I used my knowledge of games, took photos mid-play in weekend and evening gaming sessions, edited them and created a strong, engaged community. Here are some of the images I created for use on Facebook.

Buzzfeed Quiz

To generate interest at Halloween, I also made this Buzzfeed quiz to find out what board game you should play - it's still live now if you click the image below.

Facebook Headers


Images for Social Engagement


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Primark Christmas Campaign 2017

Before I joined Uniform, they had successfully bid for the global Primark Christmas campaign. This involved many elements of the team, but most of my work was based around social outreach. We created a series of microsites to help promote the theme of New Fashioned Christmas, including a Party Personality Quiz (wherein I wrote all of the Personalities, questions and answers, as well as intro text), an Excuse Generator (for which I helped to generate content suggestions) and one supporting the Christmas Unicorn Cab experiential (providing site text, directions for involvement and on-hand help for the promo film’s creation).

Party Apology Generator

We came up with the content and format for this, and then had to spend a lot of time looking for combinations that were too rude!

Party Personality Quiz

I researched and wrote the questions and answers for this fun little quiz, as well as creating the Personalities.

Social Media

We were tasked with creating a list of New Fashioned Christmas themed gifs and memes, some of which were used in campaigns while others served as inspiration! 

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