Well hello there!

I’m Jenny, and I’m just your ordinary blue-haired geek living in Liverpool.

Writing is my passion and my first great love (please, don’t tell my cat) and I’ve been so lucky to be able to work in it for so long!

After completing my degree in English Literature and Media Studies (joint honours) at York St John University, I moved to Liverpool and began working as a freelance writer, earning £8 per 500 word article about why gambling is good for old people (no, really).

I got my first proper break at Mayfly Internet Marketing, who were looking for someone with strong writing skills and the passion to learn all about SEO! I learned skills at this job that I’ve used for every single one since, across social media marketing, blogging, Google paid ads, SEO strategies and analysis, plus the full Google suite.

Next up I went over to Uniform, a swanky design agency in the heart of Liverpool that had such prestigious brands as Innocent Smoothies and Bedrock Gin. There I got my first real taste of being a creative in a design agency, and I absolutely loved the brainstorming sessions, full day plans and creative exercises.

After a sad redundancy from Uniform, I started up at Think Live (now EPAM) where I was a Content Administrator. I was expecting to work in creating content for new websites, and while I did for a while, the job quickly became a form of IT support. The best projects I was able to work on at Think were the user guides I created to help employees navigate a new CMS, that were utilised in training sessions carried out by me. This was not the most creative form of writing but it gave me experience in more logical, corporate forms of writing and forced me to pay strict attention to the most important thing about language: being understood.

From there I moved over to Party Delights in Irlam, where I started as Junior Copywriter under the existing Senior Copywriting. After a year I was given a pay rise and promotion to Creative Copywriter, which better  encompassed all of the roles I was taking on at the company: from managing every aspect of the blog – including improving old blogs, coming up with ideas for new ones, researching SEO and competitors, writing the blogs, adding them into WordPress, making sure they were fully SEO optimised, scheduling publication dates, liaising with other departments for promotion, regularly using Analytics and Ahrefs to present reports on blog successes – to writing all the content for social media, email, internal communications, the B2B side of the business, paid adverts, slider text, page text and product descriptions. Basically, if you read anything from Party Delights in 2021, you can be pretty certain I wrote it!

I’m currently working at Killer Ink, the UK’s leading tattoo supplies company! You’ll find lots of my writing over at the Killer Ink blog but also on product descriptions, emails, social text and more! I even appear in the odd video and go around the world interviewing incredible tattoo artists.

I’m always up for interesting writing opportunities, especially in board games and computer games, so kindly get in touch if you have any questions or would like to hire me!

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