Proofreading & Editing

As a copywriter, I’m naturally the first person that people come to with awkward grammar questions! I’ve always enjoyed proofreading, from helping friends at university by checking over their essays, to finding and fixing typos and insensitive words on websites, and more recently for a novel and full website copy!

Neri Karra

I’m incredibly lucky to come from a family with so many creative, talented people – not least my sister, Katharine Mugridge, whose graphic design and branding is top notch. As copywriting isn’t her main job, she enlisted me to proofread and edit all of the text she’d put together for designer handbag manufacturer Neri Karra, and was able to suggest a few changes that would emphasise the right tone of voice.Screenshot of the home page for Neri Karra handbags


As a board game lover myself, I get incredibly frustrated with poorly written rules. As such I decided to offer my talents on Reddit, and Alexander reached out to ask if I could help with translations and sense checking for the game. The Kickstarter in 2021 raised more than double the needed funds to make this game a reality!

Cover art for board game Thalara featuring a woman in sweeping robesText showing credits for the game Thalara including Jenny Mugridge


The Wolf’s True Love

The front cover of a book called The Wolf's True Love featuring an elf woman and werewolf man

The largest piece of proofreading I’ve ever done! I offered support to a friend who was writing her first book, an adult fantasy romance. Although it required a few goes over, Lilith and I were really pleased with the end result – her storytelling is fantastic, she just needed a little help with readability!