If you’re here, that probably means you’re looking for some examples of my professional work! Much appreciated.

Pick a speciality below and it’ll take you to some examples of the work and a little bit of an explanation about my experience.

And if you want to know more, you know how to contact me!


From a childish book nerd to a grown-up book fanatic, I've always been a word nerd and I'm not afraid to admit it! But great copywriting isn't all about having the best words - it's about knowing when and where to use that particular tone of voice, and using psychology to encourage users to click that button!


I'm not ashamed to admit it - I love to proofread! I can spot a spelling mistake from twenty paces and tell you where that comma should be a semi-colon! I've proofread game rules, interviews, blogs, and even some saucy werewolf fiction - come check it out.

SEO Skills

Having been trained in SEO best practice, I've brought that knowledge into every bit of writing that I do! I'm comfortable with most major CMS, the Google Analytics suite, Ahrefs and other keyword websites

Social Media

I worked several years in social media, running accounts for small businesses to designing and writing content for a Primark Christmas campaign! These days it tends to just be my words that get used - but that doesn't mean I'm not contributing ideas!