Burlesque Beauties


I hope you’re prepared to be dazzled by the incredible beauty, glamour and poise of these burlesque community greats! Featuring my writing.

WARNING: NSFW images of gorgeous women ahead!

Bambi LeBam

I saw Bambi perform before I met her through Millie Dollar’s burlesque classes, and always thought she was amazing. I’ve written about how I created these act descriptions with Bambi over on How I Work

Meena Helvetia

Meena is another performer I know through Millie Dollar’s classes, and we actually made our burlesque debut in the same showcase!

I’ve been lucky enough to see her perform on multiple occasions, and grow as a burlesque performer. But Meena’s first language isn’t English, so while she knows what she wants to say, the words don’t come to her quite as easily. We worked together to get a bio that was just right, and could be easily adapted to multiple uses.

Meena Helvetia made her burlesque debut at the same time as I did, and she's always incredible to watch. Someone this good NEEDS a great bio to get those bookings!