How I Work

When it comes to creating great content for promotion, there are two main problems that people face:

You’re not a writer.

That’s absolutely fine – if everyone was, I’d be out of a job. Writing is a skill, and I’ve worked on it for a long time. You don’t need to be good at everything to have some great copy to sell yourself or your event with!

You don’t know how to praise yourself.

This is a toughie and totally human. I find it hard to write my own act bios and descriptions; you might be great at writing but when it comes to yourself, it’s harder to use words like “mesmerising”, “beautiful” or “sumptuous”.

The thing is, I’m not you, so I can see how amazing you are.

When I was working on Bambi LeBam’s act descriptions, we talked online about how she wanted to come across. She had some details – style of dance, notable costume, song – and provided me with videos of her acts.

Here are some of the notes I made based on her videos.

As well as writing for existing acts, she wanted some great promotional text for a brand new act. She didn’t have a video yet, so we talked about the dance style, costume and message of the act, and I came up with five different ways to talk about the act.

You can see that there are some similarities in wording, but in each case there’s a slightly different tone of voice or emphasis.

We talked further and decided to pick and mix a few elements to get it just right.

If you have any questions about the way I work, or how I could help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!