Social Media

At Mayfly Internet Marketing, I was in charge of over a dozen profiles on Facebook alone. I worked across the major players (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest) on accounts and paid advertising. I've tried to bring some of this together here, but as you might expect there's much more planning, searching, content-building and promoting going on behind the scenes!

At the design agency Uniform I had a small role in promoting through social media - especially when we pulled a Christmas karaoke taxi stunt in Liverpool and Manchester!

When I first started at Party Delights I was charged with keeping the socials running until we had someone dedicated in - this was a tough role with all my other tasks! Later on, a Social Media Manager would join the team and I would just have to contribute ideas and then write posts based on a set idea and with the right keywords.

Every social site is different and requires a different plan, tone of voice and posting schedule!