Writing is my passion, and I've been lucky to be able to do what I love in so many different ways!

My copywriting journey started with writing 500 word articles about gambling sites for £8 a pop - it's amazing to think that I've written content for luxury apartments in Dubai, industrial fan manufacturers, party supplies stores and gin companies!

I love that writing means learning new things all the time, and always having the opportunity to make my writing more exciting, or clearer, or more likely to convert to sales.

Have a look through some of my previous professional copywriting work and get in touch to chat about your project!

Website and Campaign Text

Killer Ink Giveaways

At Killer Ink we run regular giveaways and competitions, and there has to be a central page of information! Usually setting up competition text like this means writing an email, adapting that into the website text you see above (adding HTML where necessary) and the scrolling banner text you can see at the very top of the page. Like everything else, this would need to be translated into 9 languages – a particular challenge when monetary values are involved!

Redesigning the Party Delights About Us page

A screenshot of the top of the Party Delights About Us page

When I joined Party Delights it was pretty clear to everyone involved that the About Us page was no longer fit for purpose. It told a different story of the company than the one we wanted to tell, but more importantly it was messily formatted and mostly made up of not very interesting milestones. Working with design and UX teams, I rewrote the content to frame it more around the new company CEOs and to be more selective about what accomplishments we showed.

We also put in extra information about the company’s attempts to start their eco journey, as well as the company values – see the old and new About Us pages here!


Primark Christmas Campaign 2017

Logo for Primark

Amtico Laying Patterns Brochure

Logo for Amtico flooring

Wirral Waters Site & Video Copy

Logo for Wirral Waters

Bedrock Gin Export

Logo for Bedrock Gin

Whittingham Place Brochure

Logo for Hollinwood Homes

Blogging Work

Glacial Art Ice Sculptors

I was lucky enough to be in charge of the website, social media and blog content for an ice sculpting company that actually created the ice altar in Game of Thrones!

Click through to see a few of the blogs I wrote for the ice sculptors and follow the links to read the full blog.

Party Delights

My biggest role when working at Party Delights was keeping the monstrous blog in check! Read more about that when you click here or the logo!

Killer Ink

At Killer Ink I write quite a few different types of blog – convention previews and videos, in-depth interviews and “best of” collections. Click through to see the kinds of work I did, and look out for the ridiculous puns!

Email creation

Halloween Costume Email

Halloween is the biggest season at Party Delights, so we sent out tons of emails encouraging people to buy costumes for themselves and their kids!

Halloween Costume Email

Payday Deals

We regularly sent out emails for payday offers - these were always about getting people to click to the shop and come away with a purchase!

Payday Deals

Christmas Gift Guide

Sometimes the emails were just about helping customers pick something new, being friendly and supportive the whole time

Christmas Gift Guide

Product pitches

Innocent Smoothie Bottle Designs

This was a really fun one for me as I love Innocent’s branding anyway! We were asked to pitch for some new shaped bottles for their smoothie line, and while I couldn’t be much use there with the product design side of things, I did get to jazz up our made-up bottles a bit with some of Innocent’s signature tongue-in-cheek puns!

How-To Guides For New Sites

As part of my role at TH_NK Live (later EPAM) I was in charge of making how-to guides for employees to use their company’s new websites.

I would sit in on all the progress calls as the site was built, asking any questions I needed as we went along about usability. I’d then become an expert on using the CMS, and often fill in large sections of the content on behalf of the company. To aid in training employees to use the system, I created lengthy how-to guides which went through every detail of the process so as to be understandable to a complete novice, complete with images and bonus information.



The Platform is a small network marketing event occurring in Liverpool every few months, featuring business and thought leaders from around the Liverpool City Region.

I was in charge of ensuring that any event details were correct, designing and writing for the pamphlets, running Facebook and Twitter ads, and attending the events to facilitate a smooth evening.


More coming soon!