Afro Supa Heroes

Can't be bothered to read a whole article about black superheroes? Then this infographic is made just for you, you lazy sod!

I wrote a review of the Afro Supa Hero exhibit which is on in Liverpool right now – well really it’s part review, part exploration of the history of black heroes. Jon Daniels’ collection of African American superheroes was a real treat to see, and very illuminating – once I started digging into the complicated and often prejudiced past I realised I couldn’t stop.

So go and read my piece on the Liverpool Girl Geeks blog, and if you’re in Liverpool before the 18th December make sure to check out the Afro Supa Hero exhibit in the International Slavery Museum.


I keep hearing that “people don’t like reading any more”, so if you’re one of those people (first, you might generally be in the wrong place) – here is the visual guide…




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