Snippets Zine

My guest edited edition of the fantastic Snippets. My chosen theme was fandom, and the whole thing is just great!

My good friend Cat, half of the power couple running my favourite craft website Cut Out + Keep, very kindly allowed me to edit an issue of their fantastic zine, Snippets.

I’ve written for Snippets a few times before – starting with my in-person interview with one of my favoyrite musicians, Amanda Palmer, back in 2009. I’ve done book reviews, email and face-to-face interviews, product reviews and opinion pieces, but being in charge of my very own issue was something else entirely!

I chose to base it on Fandom, as I love seeing the things that people get excited about. I wanted to write about the things I love, and the way their Fandoms shape them, and ended up with some fantastic articles about things I would never have looked into it.

I’ll post some of the articles that I wrote individually, especially the cover star interview which was with two amazing geek ladies, Amy Dallen and Nika Harper from Geek & Sundry, but for now you can check it out here:




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