The Dark Knight Rises – with some serious spoilers. — 1 Comment

  1. Good stuff Jen. Enjoyed reading that. Very well written and echoed many of my thoughts? Saw it a couple of days ago and loved it. Tom’s voice was a little startling to begin with but got used to it and thought it was pretty creepy and scarey. I remember chatting to you just after GJL’s casting was announced and we predicted that he would ultimately be Robin and he would become batman after Bane broke Wayne’s back (we assumed at the end of the film) thus allowing the series to continue without Bale or Nolan. I don’t think they have to reboot things. It could be treated like the bond films allowing actors and directors to come and go with loose continuity allowing their own self-contained stories over a movie (or trilogy) without having to start everything from scratch again. Like how the comics work to a degree. Looks like there’s pretty much no chance of that thought. Guessing that they’ll reboot things with an aim of manuvering things towards a JLA movie. I’m hoping they continue the Nolan-verse in comics or a series of graphic novels. Scott Snyder please, maybe with help from Goyer or one of the Nolans. Fingers crossed anyway.

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