A screenshot of the top of the Party Delights About Us page

Redesigning Party Delights’ About Us Page

When I joined Party Delights it was pretty clear to everyone involved that the About Us page was no longer fit for purpose. It told a different story of the company than the one we wanted to tell, but more importantly it was messily formatted and mostly made up of not very interesting milestones. Working with design and UX teams, I rewrote the content to frame it more around the new company CEOs and to be more selective about what accomplishments we showed.

We also put in extra information about the company’s attempts to start their eco journey, as well as the company values (click to enlarge!)

The Old About Us Page

The old About Us page was quite boring in the layout, really just a big block of text with a couple of headings.

It also discussed the original founder of the company, Alison Graham. This was a great story to start with, but years after Alison left the company we wanted to talk more about the current owners.

Finally, the Our Journey timeline was unnecessarily long and also a little buggy (see the month and year), while the entries weren’t very exciting. We narrowed down what timeline events we really wanted to focus on rather than putting everything out there.

Old version of the About Us page
New about us page

Newly designed Our Story page!

How much nicer is this?!

We designed the layout of the page so it flowed a little better downwards and kept things looking interesting.

The copy was jazzed up, as were some of the dry numbers. You can see that we reduced Alison’s story down to two paragraphs, which was all we needed to pay homage to her.

Further down we highlighted the MD Claire Grasby, our newest leader, and then the series of values that Party Delights claims to have.

Finally we added in a little information about progress towards being environmentally friendly, and narrowed down our milestones to just the most important ones (it’s still a lot!)

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